Review: The Dragon DelaSangre by Alan F. Troop

The Dragon DelaSangreThis book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

If dragons walked among us, what would they do?

Would they act out their ferocity on the unwary? Would they gather power and wealth, remaining apart from humankind?

Alan F. Troop explores a dragon who combines both in his new novel The Dragon DelaSangre.
Peter DelaSangre comes from an old and prestigious family. His heritage combines power, wealth… and blood. Peter is a dragon, able to take human shape when it suits him. But the inherent dangers of doing so manifest violently one night, when a tryst ends in the woman’s death at his jaws.

Realizing that he needs to be with his own kind, he searches for a dragon female. His search takes him far away, to a tropical island inhabited by a dragon family. But as Peter concentrates on wooing a bride, trouble brews at home. The dead woman’s brother has become obsessed with proving Peter’s guilt, and awaits the dragon’s return, ready to avenge his sister.

Troop proves to be quite skillful at characterization. The only likable figure in this whole book is Peter. The author paints him as an innocent person in spite of his flaws, and shows the other characters as flawed even if they never do anything overtly wrong. While Peter’s prospective wife comes across as loving, she’s also selfish. With this technique, readers come to like Peter, even though some of his actions are unscrupulous.

The plot is an odd mix of the intriguing and the confusing. Some of the plot twists, especially those involving the vengeful brother, seem stilted. Even so, the plot moves fairly quickly. As a result, readers are likely to finish the book, but may reach the end and wonder what was so fascinating. Be that as it may, the majority of the story is light and fast-paced.

Troop is likely to improve with time, and his next novel should be as engrossing as The Dragon DelaSangre.