Review: An Accidental Goddess by Linnea Sinclair

An Accidental GoddessThis book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Linnea Sinclair’s novels are best described as “sci-fi with a twist.” Her previous books aren’t straight science fiction, but include strong elements of romance and a bit of the paranormal. Her most recent work, An Accidental Goddess, combines likable characters and an interstellar romance’s unique complication.

Gillaine Davre regains consciousness and is nowhere that she expected to be. She soon discovers that she’s not even in the expected century. She and her sentient ship, Simon, have been catapulted more than 300 years into the future: one final casualty of a furious battle involving everything from technology to magic.

Worse, the station that she finds herself on, Cirrus One, is deep in Khalar space. The Khalarans remember her epic battle quite well: so well, in fact, that she’s now revered as the Kiasidira, a goddess.

Aside from a fear that she might destroy a culture, Gillaine has another reasons to conceal her true identity: She rather doubts that her growing attraction to Admiral “Mack” Makarian would survive the truth.

But she may have no choice. The very enemies that she nearly gave her life to destroy have arisen again, and Cirrus One may be their first target.

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