Review: Bleeding Out by Jes Battis

Bleeding OutThis book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Wrapping up a series can be tricky.  If the series has gone on long enough, there are probably going to be tons of plot threads that need to be sewn together into a coherent whole.  If nothing else, there needs to be a sense of finality to the tale, even if there are no major character deaths and no earth-shattering cataclysms to sort out.  Bleeding Out, the final OSI novel, doesn’t so much end as simply peter out.

(Description nicked from B&

“Though she’s on leave from the Occult Special Investigations squad, Tess Corday is still grappling with her own personal mysteries. But finding out the truth about her demonic heritage has been more difficult than she expected. Plus, her unauthorized investigation into an addictive new vampire street drug is driving a stake between her and her undead boyfriend.

Then Vancouver’s premier necromancer turns up dead. Tess suspects that the cases are related. And her suspicions will lead her into a paranormal showdown that can—and will—change the course of her life forever.”

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Review: Infernal Affairs by Jes Battis

Infernal AffairsThis book was a personal purchase.

I’ve become rather fond of the blend of police procedural and sci-fi and fantasy.  Although it’s certainly true that human beings can be quite creative in the perpetration of crimes, there’s something about the vastness of space or the pervasiveness of myth that rivals even our own species’ inventiveness.  One of the best of these is Jes Battis’s OSI series, and its most recent addition keeps the action and adventure quotient high.

Tess Corday, an Occult Special Investigator, has a pretty full life.  She works the night shift, dealing with all manner of paranormal weirdness, and she’s also the “mother” to two vampiric teenagers.  So the last thing she needs is for a demon in the form of a child to enter her life.  Ru is found lifeless on a beach, but revives on the autopsy table.  He’s on the run from another demon who wants to drag him home to be executed—and said demon makes an unexpected appearance.

Any of that would be enough for one overworked human to process.  But unfortunately, there’s more: the demon bounty hunter apparently knows who her father is.  All Tess knows is that he’s demonic in origin, but she’s never been able to discover his identity—or even his species.  Now she’s closer than ever to tracking down the one being that can shed light into her past.

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