Review: Of Saints and Shadows by Christopher Golden

Of Saints and ShadowsThis book was a personal purchase.

Vampires are fiction’s current superstars, but their well-known mythology makes it too easy for writers to stick slavishly to common themes and characteristics. Of Saints and Shadows offers a different look at vampire origins.

Peter Octavian, a private detective and vampire, occasionally helps the police with his unusual knowledge and expertise. But one dark night, a simple murder case blossoms into something much more complicated … and deadly.

It involves the mysterious “Gospel of Shadows,” stolen from the Vatican library. This tome contains the collected knowledge of the church sorcerers who want to eliminate the “Defiant Ones”: the vampires.

Sorcerer Father Liam Mulkerrin has come to the United States to retrieve the book, and start a final holy war against all vampires. Peter and his scattered vampire friends must fight the church’s magic and stop Mulkerrin’s plans.

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Review: Accursed by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden

AccursedThis book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

The World Wide Web has become a talent showcase. The BBC recently premiered a Web-based animated series titled Legacy, which averaged more than 100,000 hits per week. After working on a second Web series, the creators debuted their first full-length novel, Accursed, which tells of the Protectors of Albion, and their struggle against evil.

William and Tamara Swift have inherited a special legacy: They’re the keepers of the mystical powers that protect England. Sadly, their ascension to power was fraught with tragedy. Their father, the former Protector, has been possessed by a demonic presence. The siblings are burdened with trying to learn more about their power, even as they wield it in their country’s defense.

They’re aided by the ghosts of Lord Byron, Admiral Nelson and many others.

Nor do our protagonists have much time to settle into their new roles. London’s streets are being stalked by an evil that transforms men to monsters, and rapes women, causing them to die while giving birth to foul creatures. This curse is spreading from the lower class to nobility’s halls.

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