Review: The Sum of Her Parts by Alan Dean Foster

The Sum of Her PartsThis book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Alan Dean Foster is one of science fiction’s longtime fixtures.  His novels have been around for decades, although I’ve only read a few of them.  Past books have been enjoyable, but I’m not sure what’s going on with him lately.  The Sum of Her Parts, the concluding volume in a trilogy, is about as bland as they come.

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“Dr. Ingrid Seastrom was once a respected American physician. Whispr, whose body has been transformed to preternatural thinness, was once a streetwise thief. Now, in a world on the edge of catastrophe from centuries of environmental exploitation, they are allies—thrust together by fate to unravel an impossible mystery—even as they are stalked by a relentless killer.

Ingrid and Whispr are hunted fugitives bound together by a thread: a data-storage thread made of a material that cannot exist, yet somehow does. Their quest to learn its secrets—and, in Whispr’s case, sell them to the highest bidder—has brought them to South Africa’s treacherous Namib desert. Beyond its dangers waits a heavily guarded research facility that promises answers, if they can survive long enough to get there. But that won’t be easy, not with Napun Molé on their trail. They’ve already escaped the assassin twice, and as far as Molé is concerned, finishing them off isn’t just a job anymore… it’s personal.”

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Review: Body Inc. by Alan Dean Foster

Body Inc.This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

For me, Alan Dean Foster is hit and miss as an author.  Some of his books have remained on my shelves, and some of them are rather more forgettable.  Recently, his books have been more in the latter category for me, I’m sorry to say.  This holds true for his newest novel, Body Inc., in which very little of note happens.

(Description nicked from B&

“In a world deeply wounded by centuries of environmental damage, two unlikely souls join forces: Dr. Ingrid Seastrom has stumbled into a mystery involving quantum-entangled nanoscale implants—a mystery that just may kill her. Whispr is a thief and murderer whose radical body modifications have left him so thin he is all but two-dimensional. Whispr has found a silver data-storage thread, a technology that will make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. He is also going mad with longing for Dr. Ingrid Seastrom. Their quest to learn the secrets of the implant and the thread—which may well be the same secret—has led them to the South African Economic Combine, otherwise known as SAEC. Or, less respectfully, SICK. SICK, it seems, has the answers.

Unfortunately, SICK has also got Napun Molé, a cold-blooded assassin whose genetic enhancements make him the equivalent of a small army. Molé has already missed one chance to kill Ingrid and Whispr and now he has followed them to South Africa. This time, he is not only going to succeed, he is going to make them suffer.”

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Review: Quofum by Alan Dean Foster

QuofumThis book was borrowed from the Yolo County Public Library, Davis branch.

After many years, Alan Dean Foster finally has written his final Pip and Flinx novel, Flinx Transcendent.

But he didn’t just barrel ahead into that last tale. Before that book, he set up some of the events in Quofum, a lackluster first contact novel.

The planet Quofum is a scientific enigma, as it appears and disappears without warning. During one of its appearances, an expedition is sent to study the wayward planet. What the crew finds is shocking: four distinct and intelligent alien species, which clearly couldn’t all have evolved on the planet at the same time. Along with wildly divergent flora and fauna, this presents a nearly impossible mystery.

The crew has no idea that their investigations may touch on the key to defeating the Great Evil that is approaching the galaxy; they’re concerned only with studying this unique planet. And when treachery divides them, their focus shifts to staying alive and finding a way home.

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